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List of tips to make your money making experience even more easier!
1. Create a separate email account and use that one when filling out surveys so your inbox won't fill up with spam mail. They are not viruses, basically just junk mail that the companies will send you.
2. After you complete a survey, make sure you hit the "submit" button to the right so your account can be credited.
3. If you don't want companies calling you, [which most don't] then use a number that is disconnected, such as an old cell phone.
4. If you delete the cookies on your computer from time to time it helps the surveys clear into your monthly earnings faster.
5. In almost all of the surveys you will be asked to enter your email address [remember to create a seperate one to avoid receiving a lot of mail], so just copy your email address and you can paste it in the survey a lot quicker then having to type it out on each one.
6. Make sure you fill out the surveys honestly and to the best of your ability in order to receive full credit for them.
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