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Here is some frequently asked questions.
1. Do they send mail to your address?
     -Rarely, if ever. It's easy enough to just throw it away if you don't want it.
2. Is it true that I really do not have to ever pay anything and this website is completely free?
     -When signing up you don't have to pay anything at all, most surveys don't require you to pay anything, but if they do, it will have a little dollar sign picture next to the link, and to the right of that is an "X" mark where you can just delete that survey. You NEVER have to give out your banking information if you don't want too.
3. Is this site legit?
    -The answer is 100% YES. In fact, this is one of the only websites that is real and not one of those "get rich quick scams" and does always pay you when they say they will.
4. How much money do you make?
     -This answer all depends on how much time and effort you put into it. The more surveys taken and the more people you refer will play a huge factor in your earnings. But also, let's be realistic, it is highly unlikely that you will become a *millionaire* from this, but you can make a very decent amount.
5. When do you get paid?
     -You will receive a check once a month [as long as the minimum payout is made] around the 15th of each month.
6. I have a lot of money in my "pending offers", when will it switch over into my "monthly earnings"?
     -Some companies take longer to review your surveys to make sure you completed it correctly. Once they reviewed it, they will send it over to your "monthly earnings" You can sort the surveys any way you like, but my personal favorite way to do so is "by rating" because those are the ones that will clear the quickest. Depending on the rating, pending offers can be switched into your monthly earnings within a matter of a few minutes, where others take a few hours, days, and sometimes week. But as I said above, don't worry if the next month comes along & you still have pending earnings, they will not disapear, they will just get transfered into your next month's earnings as long as you completed them correctly.
7. While I'm filling out the surveys, I keep getting offers. I am not interested in any of them, so what do I do?
     -You will receive many offers while completing a survey, if you are not interested in those, there is normally always a "skip", "pass", or "No thanks, not right now" button you can click. Just continue to click that until the survey is completed.
8. Is there any requirements in order to be able to complete these surveys?
     -The only requirement is that you must be at least 13 years of age
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